Volunteer for The ArtPush Creative Art Program 2024 w/ & Girls Inc. G.E.M.S

Thank you all for participating in this art workshop. Hopefully we can all leave a positive permanent impression on the children that will help them create a brighter future for themselves.  ArtPush & The Creative Art Program could not do this with out your help and you are all greatly appreciated!  All volunteers will be supplied with coffee, snacks and a yummy lunch from Julies Coffee & Tea!

This is all about having fun and trying to impact the lives of children in a positive way, hopefully giving them a future creative outlet that they can lean on for years to come.


1. FOOD RUNNER: 8:30am (Julie’s Tea Garden)
8:30am Coffee & Scones (exact time may change)
10am Lunches & Snacks (TBA) (exact time may change)

2. SETUP:  9am
Setup tables, chairs, tents, decorations.
Help place signs.
Use chalk markings on the ground and floor plan maps taped up near the studio.

3. DROP-OFF: 9:50am-10:10am
Help oversee Drop-off & Pick-Up
Guide kids to the Greeters Table.

4. GREETERS: 9:45am-10:10am
Help kids, write their name, get their name tags on and find a seat.

5. SUPPLY TABLE: 9:30am Setup
9:30am organize supply table.
10:30am Help put easels together.
11:45am handout art supplies.
Organize, Cleanup, Refresh supplies as needed.
Clean-up, empty trash/recycling if it gets full, replace with new bag.
*Make sure girls wash hands outside at the handwashing station so they are not holding up the bathroom.
6. LUNCH: 11am
10:15am Setup and manage food tables.
10:15am Setup drinks , fill only 1/2 way and place in rows for pickup. Use lids! (They can get refills)
11:00am Use the list to hand out lunches, make sure the right lunch goes to the right girl.  (There will be a list with names and lunch preference)
11:45am Clean-up, empty trash as need, replace with new bag.  Full bags can go over by the side of the studio, by the iron gate.

7. MISC. TASKS: 9am
9:30am Setup hand washing station.  Something like this.  Make sure kids wash off paint here.
10:30am Fill buckets up with water for rinsing brushes & paint palettes. Place in the cleaning area.
10:30-2pm Empty and refill buckets as needed.  *Dump water way over to the side of the house where the grass is so that it doesn’t run out into the parking lot.

*Help kids fill out tops of their worksheets.  Do not fill out the “Artist Title” yet.

*Keep bathroom clean, keep the key on you and line moving. Hand, brush or palette washing should all be done outside at the cleaning station.  See the diagram for locations.
11am assemble easels.

11:45pm Help kids manage their art supplies.
Pull full garbage and recycling bins & replace bags.

WKSP Afternoon: 11:45pm-2pm
Keep bathroom clean & clear, someone pls keep a key on you, a key clipped by the front door and keep line moving.
Wash hands and supplies out side in the cleaning station, (see diagram)

WKSP Afternoon 2: 2:20
Help kids sign their artwork with a sharpie or paint.
Make sure worksheets are filled out & taped to the back with a name on it.
Help kids place completed art in the drying area before they leave.
Be sure girls have their gift bags with them at end of the day. (Flyers, Coloring Sheets)
Help with overall cleanup.
Wipe out paint from the palettes w a rag, if it is a lot of paint, return back into the bottle. Place palettes in the bucket.
Place brushes in the other bucket of water.  There is a bucket for each.

3. Pickup: 2:30PM
Help oversee Pick-Up
Make sure girls have (Flyers, Coloring Sheets)

Email us your background experience, volunteer experience, skills, education or anything else we should know about you.
Contact [email protected] to apply.
Volunteers must have their own transportation.

Perks: Julies Coffee & Tea
Workshop Menu:
Morning: Medium roast coffee, half and half, sweeteners & scones
Lunch: Sandwiches, fruit
Drink: Lavender Lemonade
Snacks: Fruit & scones.

Gallery Exhibit: Sunday, April 14th 6:00pm-7:30pm
More details TBA
* Catered by Julie’s Tea Garden