Volunteer Artists at The Creative Art Program Workshops

Volunteer for The ArtPush Creative Art Program 2022 w/ & Girls Inc. G.E.M.S 

Thank you all for participating in this art workshop. Hopefully we can all leave a positive permanent impression on the children that will help them create a brighter future for themselves.  ArtPush & The Creative Art Program could not do this with out your help and you are all greatly appreciated!  All volunteers will be supplied with coffee, snacks and a yummy lunch from Julies Coffee & Tea!  Artist volunteers will be supplied with the same paints and canvas the kids are using, provided by Flax Art & Design.

This is all about having fun and trying to impact the lives of children in a positive way, hopefully giving them a future creative outlet that they can lean on for years to come.

Workshop: Sunday, March 27th 10:15am-3pm 
Gallery Exhibit: Sunday, April 3rd, 6pm-8pm
*If you can arrive a little earlier or stay later to help Workshop Volunteers that would be great!  **See the exact time to arrive below.

Workshop Menu: Included!
Morning: Medium roast coffee served with half and half, drink stirrers, stevia in the raw, sugar in the raw, cups.
Lunch: 4 quarters of tea sandwiches: 2 pieces almond butter & fruit jam/2 pieces ham and cheese.
Drink: Lavender Lemonade.
Afternoon Snack: Assorted biscuits and scones with cream and jam 

All volunteer opportunities are filled!  Thank you! Click below for a more in-depth volunteer description.

Volunteer Teacher & Assistant: This volunteer category is full, thank you!
Arrival Time:
Please arrive by 9:45am / Sunday March 27th
The Volunteer Teacher & Assistant will help guide the children through the worksheet in a 45 minute group discussion at the beginning of the workshop. During this time kids are encouraged to ask questions and discuss ideas about their own future with the group. Workshop Helpers will also be assisting the teacher during group discussion helping children complete their worksheets.  Get More Details!

Workshop Helpers: This volunteer category is full, thank you!
Arrival Time: Please arrive by 9:15am / Sunday March 27th
Workshop Helpers will be helping children complete worksheets.  The worksheets are very important because they will also be hung during the gallery exhibit next to each child’s painting.  Workshop Helpers will also help with an array of other important tasks including setup, drop-off, food and drink table, managing the supply table & clean-up.  Get more details and see a schedule of events.

Gallery Exhibit Volunteers: This volunteer category is full, thank you!
Arrival Time: Please arrive by 5pm / Sunday April 3rd
Gallery Volunteers will help with setup and shutdown at the Gallery.  Get more information.

Volunteer Artists: This volunteer category is full, thank you!
Arrival Time:
9:45am / Sunday March 27th
Volunteer Artists will be creating their own painting using the answers from their own worksheet. Artist are given the same supplies and time frame as the children.  Work will be displayed along with children at the gallery exhibit, artist volunteers must also commit to attending the gallery exhibit. 
Get more details

For more information Email:
Jessica Warren jessica@artpush.org