Volunteer Artists at The Creative Art Program Workshops

Volunteer for The ArtPush Creative Art Program 2023 w/ & Girls Inc. G.E.M.S 

Thank you all for participating in this art workshop. Hopefully we can all leave a positive permanent impression on the children that will help them create a brighter future for themselves.  ArtPush & The Creative Art Program could not do this with out your help and you are all greatly appreciated!  All volunteers will be supplied with coffee, snacks and a yummy lunch from Julies Coffee & Tea!  

This is all about having fun and trying to impact the lives of children in a positive way, hopefully giving them a future creative outlet that they can lean on for years to come.

Still needed for volunteer positions.  Exact times may slightly change. 

1. Setup Helpers: (Filled)
8:45am – 10am
Setup tables, chairs, tents, decorations

2. Drop-off Helpers: 1
Assist Hashima with Girls Inc on drop-off
Guide traffic, hang signs, collect paperwork (photo release waivers) and place in proper folders
Help girls to table to create a name tag

3. Supply Table Helper: 1
9:15am Setup 
11:50am handout art supplies

Cleanup supplies as needed
Organize supplies as needed

4. Food Table Helper: 1
*Use wagon to pick up food from Julies
9:30am Coffee
11am Lunches, Snacks
Set up and manage food tables
Help hand out lunches

5. Classroom Greeters and Workshop Helpers : 1 per shift (or someone willing to do both shifts)
Shifts: Morning: (9:45am – 1pm)  Afternoon: (1pm-4pm)
Help kids get name tags on and find a seat.
Help kids write their names on their worksheets.
Help kids attain and manage their art supplies.
Help kids sign their artwork.
Distributes take-home handouts at the end of the day. (Flyers, Save The Date Art Fair Magnets)
Help make sure each child has their art supplies packed up to take home.
Make sure worksheets are completed correctly, placed in a plastic sleeve and taped to the back of the correct piece of art.
Help kids place art in the drying area inside the studio.
Help with overall cleanup

Email us your background experience, volunteer experience, skills, education or anything else we should know about you.
Contact Jordan Effinger our volunteer coordinator at [email protected] to apply to volunteer.  
Volunteers must have their own transpiration.

Workshop: Sunday, March 26th 10am-3pm 
Gallery Exhibit: Sunday, April 2nd 6pm-8pm
*If you can arrive a little earlier or stay later to help Workshop Volunteers that would be great!  **See the exact time to arrive below.

Perks: Julies Coffee & Tea
Workshop Menu:
Morning: Medium roast coffee served with half and half, drink stirrers, stevia in the raw, sugar in the raw, cups.
Lunch: 4 quarters of tea sandwiches: Veggie / ham and cheese.
Drink: Lavender Lemonade.
Afternoon Snack: Assorted biscuits and scones with cream and jam 

Flax Art Supply Gift Cards ranging from $10-$25